Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Blood on a public restroom floor is a job for SERVPRO

At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here to help clean up your business even where biohazards such as blood as shown here on a public restroom floor is concerned. B... READ MORE

Water in the aisles

Water took over the aisles of this business. As water often does, it spreads soaking everything in its path. At SERVPRO of Burlington we came in to remove the w... READ MORE

Flood In Card Store

Floods in a business can cause more than just water damage. They can also cause loss of business if water is not taken care of quickly and properly. Pictured is... READ MORE

Water Damage In Hotel

Water damage occurs not only in homes, but also in businesses. Pictured here, we had to go into a hotel in order to treat some rooms for water damage. A storm c... READ MORE

Stockroom Flooding

Due to a toilet issue, this businesses stockroom suffered some pretty major flooding, as water was entirely throughout. It is a fairly large stockroom and conta... READ MORE

Awning damage at country club in Greensboro, NC

The damage to this awning at a local country club was the result of a large truck backing into it during a delivery. The metal support beams were bent halfway ... READ MORE