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Spring Is In The Air Which Means Floods Are On The Way

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Flowers are starting to bloom, but it’s also the start of the rainy season. Rain and storms can lead to flooding.

Spring is in the air. Literally, in most areas considering all of the noticeable pollen. It’s a great sign though of warmer weather on the horizon, plus a beautiful sight to see all the flowers blooming. While the spring provides warm weather as relief after the long winter months, it does come along with a lot of rain. April showers bring May flowers! While that helps wash away the pollen, water tends to pool up and flooding is a real concern for homeowners and business owners.

You don’t need to live in a flood zone to fall victim to flooding so it’s best to always be prepared!

Changes in your area can create flood zones in places that were deemed safe in the past. Major weather storms can also cause severe flooding that extends into zones that aren’t used to experiencing flooding. 

Know Your Area and Stay on Top of Changes

Flood zones can and do change. The arrangement and new construction of new homes and businesses can lead to a change in the areas that might be considered flood zones may also lead to more flood zones being created. Be sure to monitor flood areas as they change to know if you may be affected. If a street nearby you usually floods with water in a rainstorm there is a greater chance that in a bigger storm that the street may actually flood over. If that happens it can affect properties around it, including yours. Knowing the changes to flood zones can help you to better be prepared and to better protect your home. If you learn you are now in a flood zone, it is best to move your furnace, water heater and other equipment to a higher level in your home.

Prepare Your Property and Grounds

As the ground around your home and property gets soaked, it can also cause downed trees and power lines which may fall into your home. Make sure to remove or cut back branches on trees that can pose a problem to your home in a major or heavy storm.

Prepare For Storms with Building Supplies and Sandbags

Sandbags can often be obtained nearby when there is the potential for a flood. If you cannot find them near you, you can create your own or gather them in advance preparation from another area nearby. Place sandbags where needed to help keep flood waters from getting into your home or business when there is a chance of flooding.

It is also a good idea to keep building supplies on hand and to secure these supplies up and out of the way in case flooding does occur. Having a few stud boards, plywood boards, tarps, nails and more on hand can help with emergency repairs if there is the potential for flooding. They also come in handy to help create a way to protect some of the items in your property from damage. Having these supplies on hand could lead to faster repairs if anything is damaged as once a storm is approaching or after it hits it is often impossible to find and get these supplies. Preparedness is key!

Important Documents and Irreplaceable Should Always Be Stored Properly

Irreplaceable belongings and documents should be kept up high and in boxes that can protect them should flooding occur. Doing so will help ensure identifications, passports, documents, deeds, birth certificates and more are both safe from floodwaters and easily accessible if a flood does impact your property or if an evacuation from your area is necessary. 

Emergency Plans Should Always Be In Place

Always have a plan in place to deal with potential natural disasters, with flooding being no exception. Speak with family and colleagues on what steps you will all take in case of flooding and if an evacuation is necessary. It’s best to include how to prevent injuries or illnesses from contaminated flood water as well as what to do if an evacuation is needed. Be sure to also assign everyone with what they should be responsible for protecting and taking from the property.

If You Experience Water Damage Contact Us at SERVPRO of Burlington Right Away!

If your property is impacted by a flood, the damage needs to be assessed immediately and as soon as it can be, all water needs to be properly removed from the home. Water Damage can cause mold growth in a very quick amount of time after water build within the property. Often building materials need to be removed and mold needs to be destroyed.

Start preparing your home today to ensure you and your family are as safe as possible in case anything happens. Should you experience Water Damage to your home or business than call us at SERVPRO of Burlington at 336-379-1772. We are here for you 24/7 and 365 days a year.

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