Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fires Leave Behind Lots of Damage In a Short Time

  • No matter where a fire starts, it will spread quickly increasing in size at a rate of every 60 seconds. Fires leave behind a lot of damage such as debris, soot and ash throughout. Damage always extends beyond where the fire started as soot and ash make their way throughout the entire property. SERVPRO of Burlington is here to help clean up the aftermath, like what's pictured here,  and make it "Like it never even happened”

Fires are destructive

Unfortunately fires can tear through homes quickly. As fires grow in size every 60 seconds, the damage they can cause at times before extinguished, can be excessive. Shown here a fire ripped throughout a home. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in in order to remove damaged property, restore and salvage what could be salvaged, and to remove smoke and soot from throughout the home. 

Microwave Fire

Kitchen fires are very common, mainly caused by things cooking unattended on your stove or in your oven. However, things like your toaster, or a microwave as pictured here can cause fires as well. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to clean up soot, ash and debris and to salvage what we could.

We Make Your Air Breathable Again

At SERVPRO of Burlington, we bring in state of the art equipment in order to ensure that all smoke is removed from the air in the home. Fires leave behind a lot of smoke, ash and soot. We are here to rid your home of it all. Pictured is our Air Scrubber in use at a home that has experienced a fire.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen fires often start with a stove. Be it on the burner, as shown here, or from inside the oven itself, kitchen fires are most common. At SERVPRO of Burlington we went in to assist after something cooking on the stovetop pictured caused a kitchen fire. We assisted with removal of soot and ash throughout the home. In addition we salvaged anything we could, helped to restore items and discarded anything destroyed.

Fires Can Happen Anywhere

This was the aftermath of a bathroom fire. Yes, fires can and do happen in bathrooms. We were able to come in and treat all areas of the bathroom and the home, that were affected by smoke, soot, or direct flames.