Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Debris piles up

With almost any remediation, there’s property and personal belongings that unfortunately are often damaged. At SERVPRO of Burlington we salvage whatever we can from a room or home affected by severe water damage, or fire. Shown here is just some of the debris that what was removed from a home. We don’t leave it on your curb or in your driveway. Instead we take it off your property to dispose of it. 

We get the job done

At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here for you to protect your property from further damage and to tend to your damage properly. As pictured here, we will cover items in order to protect them while we work on restoring your property. At SERVPRO we make it “Like it never even happened."


At SERVPRO of Burlington, not only are we here for you in case of water damage, storm damage, fire damage or mold, but also to clean your carpets. Shown here is after we removed a lot of dirt and multiple stains from the carpeting in someone's home.

At SERVPRO Mold Doesn't Stand a Chance

At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here to remove mold from your home. Pictured here is a small closet in the wall of a furnished attic. Mold grew into the walls so we had to remove all the dry wall in order to effectively remove all the mold. At SERVPRO we safely remove the mold and take all precautions for our team, you, your family and your home.

We Help You Get Through The Storms

Pictured is one of the cars in our fleet of work vehicles. It is surrounded by water due to flooding caused by a storm. This flooding caused major damage to many homes and businesses. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we will drive to you through the waters in order to be on hand to assist with your storm damage.

A Night Out At the Ballpark

We love our community and enjoy showing appreciation and celebrating people in it. We just had yet another great time together with some of our agents and their families. We love gathering together at the local Ballpark for the ballgame. It's always great company, good food, and beverages. Plus the game is the perfect backdrop to our annual 'thank you' event.