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We Help Pack You Up

SERVPRO of Burlington is here for you once the flames of a fire are put out but before and after the dust has settled. We are here to remove all dust, ash and a... READ MORE

No Matter How Large The Job SERVPRO Is Here

Water damage can cause significant damage to your home or business. At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here for you no matter how large or small the job and we res... READ MORE

When Storms Get Inside

Storms with high winds and lots of rain can and do often lead to flooding inside of homes and businesses. Sometimes it is major and at other times minor. Howeve... READ MORE

At SERVPRO We Are Here When Your Business Needs Us

Whether a water damage happens to your home or business, it can cause significant damage. At SERVPRO of Burlington we are here to respond quickly. We show up to... READ MORE

We Find Mold Where It Hides

A house is only as strong as its foundation, so if you have a damaging mold issue, call us at SERVPRO of Burlington for a professional evaluation and action pla... READ MORE

Storms Can Lead To Flooding In Homes

Storms that come with high winds and heavy rains can often lead to either serious, or minor water damage within your home or business. Be it due to flooding, a ... READ MORE

Fire and Damaged Duct

Most home fires start in and happen in the kitchen. Either they start due to something that's left to cook unattended on the stove, or in the oven, or something... READ MORE

Roof Damage

Storms with high winds and heavy rains can be very problematic. Strong winds can often blow roof tiles off or cause them to lift. Sometimes trees or large branc... READ MORE

Outside Water Seeping In

Storms often bring with them a lot of wind and rain. Too much ran can lead to flooding. If too much water pools around outside of your home and seeps into your ... READ MORE

Flood In Card Store

Floods in a business can cause more than just water damage. They can also cause loss of business if water is not taken care of quickly and properly. Pictured is... READ MORE