Commercial Photo Gallery

Mold is sneaky

Shown here is mold that was growing on the top of a window within an apartment. The apartment complex called us in to remove the mold. Since mold can spread and also return if not properly removed and treated, it is for that reason they left it up to the professionals like us at SERVPRO of Burlington. 

Public Restroom

Whenever there’s an issue with water or sewage overflowing from sinks or toilets, we are there for you to call. We are able to handle the biohazards. Shown here is a public restroom that’s been all cleaned up. It is best to leave biohazard cleanups like that to the professionals like us at SERVPRO of Burlington. 

Boarding It Up

Often roofs or windows can be blown out in the case of a storm or a fire, they would then require a tarp or have the need to be boarded up. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we are here to assist you with that. Shown here is a boarding up job we had to do after a local apartment complex had a fire.

Storefront Water Damage

Pictured is a storefront business that was affected by water damage. The water problem originated in their kitchen and spread water all throughout the business and into the main front area where customers dine. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to dry up, cleanup and remove the water.

Apartment Fire

With apartment fires, not only can your home be affected but your neighbors homes as well. Being that your properties are all connected, the chance of damage with how quickly fires spread is increased. Shown here is an apartment fire within a local apartment complex. It began in one persons kitchen and was able to be contained and extinguished before spreading to other units. SERVPRO of Burlington was called in to come clear out debris, ash and soot, and to salvage all salvageable items and belongings from all affected rooms.

Sewage Overflow

Toilets don't just back up at home. Your business can also be affected by an overflowing toilet be it due to a clog or sewage issue. Shown here, a store in the local mall had a back up of black water. Black water is a hazard. We were able to come in equipped with all necessary and required safety gear in order to properly remove all the water and to properly clean all areas affected by it.