Water Damage Photo Gallery

We bring in the best equipment

At SERVPRO of Burlington, when you experience water damage, we bring in the best state of the art equipment in order to remove and dry up the water, as pictured here. Our equipment also removes all remaining moisture from the air so that mold does not become an issue for you. 

Bathroom Had Water Damage

Water damage can sometimes mean that floors must be removed. At SERVPRO of Burlington, we do our absolute best to save flooring, but depending on the extent of the damage sometimes floors cannot be saved. Shown here we had to remove the flooring in this bathroom after excessive water damage was caused to it. 

Under the Sink Water Damage

Pipes in your home or office can suddenly burst, be it due to cold weather, a clog, a small crack, the age of the pipe, or the pipe attachments coming apart. Water damage is the result In this home a pipe bursting under the kitchen sink resulted in water damage.

AFTER Crawlspace Repair

Take a look at how clean and restored this space became. OUr production crew knows its stuff.  'Take a picture, it will last longer!'  We do, all the time because it is the best evidence of the hard work our team puts in.

BEFORE Crawlspace Repair

Take a look at what our production crew found.  Getting it back to "Like it never even happened." is job 1.  Not many people are willing to crawl under and up into any space. We Do!

Large Loss Restoration Extraordinaires

Example of our SERVPRO of Burlington crews capability to handle any loss. One of our favorite questions is..."Does SERVPRO turnkey large loss?" The answer is "YES"! Matter of fact, its a team favorite.